When people ask what it is I do for a living, I often will tell them that I am a Professional Nerd. This is for two closely related reasons:

  1. I have a ridiculously varied skill set that is difficult to slim down into a single “thing” I can do. “Professional Nerd” gives me a lot of leeway in that area.
  2. Trying to fit “Web Designer, Content Creator, IT Consultant, and Generally Awesome Dude” onto a business card is really difficult.

If you’re here, the odds are pretty good that you want to know what exactly it is that I can do for you!

WordPress and General Website Consulting

Maybe you want to get started with a website. Maybe you have a website, but it needs to be spruced up so that it looks as awesome as you are. Or maybe your website is acting like it has been possessed by something and needs an exorcism… We’ve all been there, friend.

I’ve been helping people get their web-shenanigans under control since 2001, and have been focused on working with the WordPress platform since 2004. Whether you just need some basic information, assistance with your design or someone to spray Holy Water on your servers1 to get the demons out, I can help you… Reach out to discuss your project with me through my contact page.

Information Technology Consulting

I have spent a majority of my adult life working in the information technology space — first as the manager of a computer repair department in a big-box retailer, and then as the IT Director of a small security software startup.

In that time, I’ve learned not only how to explain complex technological concepts to people who have less computer knowledge than your average Amish elder in ways that they will easily understand, but also how to correctly set up an information technology department that will run smoothly with only a few hours of upkeep each week.

If you run a small-to-medium sized business and do not have an IT person on staff, I’m adept at working as an IT department of one, and would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your current situation and how I can help improve things… Feel free to get in touch with me via my contact page.

Other Consulting

There’s a whole mess of other stuff I can help you with — if you’d like to find out more, please reach out to me via my contact page and we can discuss your project in further detail.

  1. Metaphorically, of course. Holy Water and electronics do not mix at all