If the waters of discourse are muddied with hidden agendas, you can catch ethical dysentery, which is pretty awful. Not as bad as actual dysentery, of course, but still bad news.

It is for this reason that I am glad to present you with the following financial/ethical disclosures, which should make sure we’re not all drinking metaphorical water that doesn’t have weird crap in it.

eT3.io Ads, Sponsorship, and Other Assorted Selling-Out

This site has a few ads on it — there’s a sponsored ad in the footer, there may be sponsored posts, and there will be referral links. It’ll be fairly easy to see what is a link that will make me some sweet, sweet cash, though: the ads are super-plainly labeled as “Sponsored”, and referral links will have a green underline on them, kinda like this. If I am given something to use during a review, I won’t necessarily consider that “sponsored content” — because I’m not here to blow smoke up anyone’s ass, and if your product sucks, I’m gonna lay it out for you — but it will be noted at the start of the post.

I also reserve there right to start a Patreon or a Kickstarter or whatever other sort of online-cash-grab thing is popular in the future, because video games don’t buy themselves, people.

Freelance Consulting

I also do a bunch of freelance consulting, mainly in web design and information technology, information on which can be found right here. If you think of my career like a mall, this’d be the Apple Store or Macy’s — the anchor stores that keep the lights on and whatnot. The clients I do consulting for will never have any editorial influence on what appears here, and, conversely, the views expressed here may not reflect the views of the people for whom I do work.

Stocks, 401(k), Other Stuff

I don’t own any stock, and while I have a 401(k), I do not manage it, nor do I have any idea what the hell is in it. Should I check that out? Maybe. But my ignorance means I can’t be accused of writing something that can game the system for my own short-term financial gains.