A Tale to Be Told Begins Thus

Hey, there. You might be coming from following me on Twitter, or from the link I threw up on my old website, eD! The Musical, or because you were Googling for Velociraptors Wearing Jetpacks and Running With Scissors, which just happens to be the featured image for this post. 1 Only you know the answer to how you got here, since I don’t really feel like digging into my site-statistics to figure it out.

Anyway, hi, I’m eD!, and this is my new home for all my internet stupidity. Here you will find assorted musings on a variety of topics, notes on stuff I’m working on, announcements on stuff I’ve finished working on and you can go look at, and whatever other stuff tickles my fancy. You will occasionally find things here that don’t particularly tickle my aforementioned fancy as well… For example, this very post!

I wanted my the post that kicked off this site to be a variety of things, you see: smart, funny, insightful, relevant, and so damn good that Taylor Swift would look up my phone number to call me to ask me on a date. And while I had ideas that could check off a number of those requirements, nothing was coming together in order to be the mass of Swift-charming goodness I wanted it to be. Therefore, I decided to wait until my muse got back from its spa weekend in Tahoe.

That was three months ago. Time flies when you’re a narcissistic perfectionist who hates their own work, y’know?

I’ve decided that instead of waiting around for inspiration — and therefore stalling further on my plans for Internet Awesomeness — I’d throw up this half-assed post at one o’clock in the morning. It may not be smart, or particularly funny, or anywhere near insightful, but it does have a weighty-sounding title that I totally ripped off from Ra’s al Ghul from an episode in the third season of Arrow, and I guess that’s something, right? I’m going to attempt to post something here every weekday but, as the sub-title reads, things may be a bit more semi-regular for a while. If you wanna keep up, you can always follow the site feed on Twitter, or Tumblr, or just follow me here using my handy RSS feed. Or, if you’re like my mom and want even more email coming at you on a regular basis, you can scroll down and sign up to get new stuff sent to you that way.

I’m sure I’ll update you on some of the reasons for why I’ve moved from eTM to here, and other important stuff you should probably know about this site, but that’ll have to come later, so you have that to look forward to! Yay!

And T-Swizzle? If you happen to be reading this and were somehow charmed, let me know.

  1. Sadly, I don’t know where it originated from, or else I’d link you to the creator of this awesomeness. If you happen to know, please get in touch, won’t you?