"The New Yorker: Trump’s Boswell Speaks"
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The New Yorker: Trump’s Boswell Speaks

The New Yorker has a piece on “The Art of The Deal” ghostwriter Tony Schwartz’s feelings on a Donald Trump presidency. It’s only slightly horrifying.

Starting in late 1985, Schwartz spent eighteen months with Trump—camping out in his office, joining him on his helicopter, tagging along at meetings, and spending weekends with him at his Manhattan apartment and his Florida estate. During that period, Schwartz felt, he had got to know him better than almost anyone else outside the Trump family. Until Schwartz posted the tweet, though, he had not spoken publicly about Trump for decades. It had never been his ambition to be a ghostwriter, and he had been glad to move on. But, as he watched a replay of the new candidate holding forth for forty-five minutes, he noticed something strange: over the decades, Trump appeared to have convinced himself that he had written the book. Schwartz recalls thinking, “If he could lie about that on Day One—when it was so easily refuted—he is likely to lie about anything.”

This is fine.

"Nearly Coherent: All Hail The Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich"
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Nearly Coherent: All Hail The Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich

In this episode of The Nearly Coherent Podcast, eD!’s excited about a new Roy Rogers opening in New Jersey and talks about how he’s going to eat so many holsters of fries! Jeff enjoys eating street meat in general and more than eating at an Applebee’s in Times Square specifically! And everyone ranks their favorite fast food franchises!

In case you couldn’t tell, we were kinda hungry when we recorded this episode. It happens, y’know?

"Nearly Coherent: Capitalizing on WWDC While It’s Topical!"
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Nearly Coherent: Capitalizing on WWDC While It’s Topical!

In this episode of The Nearly Coherent Podcast, eD! and Jeff discuss some of the new stuff Apple announced at their WWDC keynote yesterday, question if “Dick Tracy” still holds up as a movie, get into a Twitter account dick-measuring contest between Jeff and Dave, and try to figure out how Jeff will send his friends weird ASCII-art images mixed with emojis if emojis are now going to be three times bigger.

"Twitter Announces New Features!"
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Twitter Announces New Features!

Twitter has announced new enhancements to its service in a blog post today:

In the coming months we’ll make changes to simplify Tweets including what counts toward your 140 characters, so for instance, @names in replies and media attachments (like photos, GIFs, videos, and polls) will no longer “use up” valuable characters.

It’s great that Twitter is working on giving people more space for the meat of their tweets, and obviously a much better use of their time than trying to stem the tide of horrifying abuse that occurs on their platform every damn day. But, hey, now trolls can make each tweet chock-full of more hate, so I guess it’s a super-awesome thing!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

"Alfred 3"
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Alfred 3

Alfred, which is more or less OS X’s Spotlight on steroids, released a new version today. Whenever I’m setting up a new Mac for myself, Alfred is the second application I’ll install.1

It’s free to use the basic functionality, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Live a little, would’ja?

  1. In order, it goes Dropbox, Alfred, Hazel, then Evernote. Everything else is installed in a very willy-nilly order because I’m not that OCD.