Nearly Coherent: Slapping the Bishop

The Nearly Coherent Podcast

It’s Tuesday, and here I am, remembering to cross-post a link to the new episode of Nearly Coherent!

A lively discussion of the science of Coca-Cola at McDonald’s, the magic of Popeye’s mashed potatoes and gravy, idiots rushing into burning buildings, and, of course, unicycles. You know, all the normal stuff people talk about when they get together.

If you missed the other episodes, let’s get you all caught up:

And I promise to never let you fall that far behind ever again! 1

  1. Probably. Don’t hold me to that. 

Nearly Coherent: A Dementia-Preventing Fart

The Nearly Coherent Podcast

Oh, look, it’s today’s episode of Nearly Coherent!

In this episode, the Intern contributes some news stories she wants to talk about! Not to be outdone, Dave brings along two pointless news stories, because he’s a jealous bitch and will not be outdone by the new person! We also discuss who would probably survive longest in prison, familial email habits, awkward childhood memories and important medical research about farts!

What? I warned you there’d be more postings happening on here. Sure, I said “at least one a day”, and this is the fourth post today, but, at the time of writing this, that’s the end of today’s updates, so you can relax.

Probably, anyway.

SUPERSWANK!: Your Passwords Probably Suck


I wrote an essay on passwords for SUPERSWANK! today:

As someone who deals with passwords created by users of varying comfort levels with technology on a day-to-day basis as their job, it amazes me how horrible *everyone* is at password creation and management. Unfortunately, the odds are pretty good that your passwords aren’t great, either. If you’d like to improve on that — and I see no reason why you wouldn’t, unless you’re a crazy-person — here’s some things you can do.

You might learn something! Or not. I don’t know what you know, obviously.